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Binary globe Technology. We're surrounded by it and must interact with it virtually everywhere we go. Getting the most out of the technology in our lives and keeping up with the multitude of new technologies that appear daily on the landscape is tough for any organization, and that's where Neos Technology Group comes in. We thrive on helping others make the most out of the technology they have, or helping them integrate the latest and greatest into their infrastructure. We believe everyone should have an infrastructure that is built right, cost-effective, and scalable.

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Save You Money
In today's business landscape, keeping costs down while maintaining reliability and performance is paramount. Neos can show you how upgrades don't have to consume the entire IT budget. Learn More
Putting Technology To Work
At Neos we love technology, but we hate seeing it not reach its full potential. Let us show you how to do more with what you have. Learn More
At Neos we can help you with a wide range of networking needs from small office to large enterprise and everything in between.
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IT Reinforcement
Got a big project you need help with? Need an occasional boost in expertise? Want someone to keep it all maintained? We've got you covered. Learn More
The Cloud
The future is in The Cloud, and Neos can provide you with individualized virtualization solutions for your in-house or hosted Cloud. Learn More
Custom Solutions
Neos can provide custom applications and customized solutions for the unique business needs. Contact us to find out how.

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